2014 Portfolio Book

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Tried acrylics for the first time yesterday thinoing it would be easy for me since I know how to paint with watercolors. .. I was never so wrong in ny entire life


"Please Change Battery Pack"

"Blowing off Steam"

Birthday present for my friends jayceline and rexor.

Happy Birthday guys ♥ 

"Will I also find beauty underneath that beautiful exterior?"


This was what I was supposed to submit for MAS Week’s Exhibit but unfortunately I’m almost 3 months late HAHAHAH :))

I needed a break from thesis and schoolworks…
busybee till graduation

animated gif of my characters for interactive design class

I got the Preacher as the main protagonist for the game I am to do for finals. The one next to him is the design for the evil minions while the last is the evil boss :)

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