prang watercolor x faber castell colored pencils

details of my recently finished painting

prang watercolor x faber castell

[please do not repost]



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I have mentioned before that I was busy helping out my sister with her project. I did 10 event posters for her and here are my favorites (the others were rubbish really) hahaha

I had to blur out some details cause I was told to by my sister 

The “who’s your daddy poster” is my fave among everything <3

things had been busy lately with school and other requirements so I really had not much decent works to post.

on another note, here’s one of the posters I designed for my sister’s school requirement. 

"Mind Museum" 

an artwork for my midterm plate for Multimedia Presentation Class

"Fall is here"
version 1

this has a personal back story I’d rather keep though I have always loved autumn :)

other version over at my other blog: atticdoodles.tumblr.com

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