watercolor doodle I did because I wasn’t able to paint for quite awhile now. It’s the 8th week in our school, meaning finals is just around the corner so we get busier and busier by the day.

painting is my destresser so yeah, painting this helped a lot :)

dindin problems 101:
problem #001: nest hair 

; u ;


watercolor doodle

"Are they still there?" late night doodle ©c.m.aranza|2012

45 min quickie

another one of those oh-he’s-so-adorable-i-mustdraw him-moments
while the net takes at least an hour to upload a single photo, I saw this picture of a beautiful creature who could pass as a pretty boy at the same time as a cute girl floating around my dashboard. As i am not much of a fan of waiting I succumb to the temptation of drawing him ♥ 

at least slow internet leaves me into doing something productive :D


To my favorite and most beloved group leader, happy happy birthday Happy Birthday Jung Yong Hwa :) I really wanted to do more than just a quick sketch but I still had loads of things to do ;____;

I swear, once I’m done with these things, I’ll do a better gift for him <3 :)))

He may not see this, but just want to greet him a Happy Happy Happy Birthday! May God bless you even more :D

so, dahil sobrang nadistract ako ng sketspad ko kanina nung webdesign, mas inuna ko pang magdrowing OT LXD

can’t help it, my Minerva Sketchbook is so seductive LOLOL

25 mins sketch of some dude who’s facial features I found very attractive




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