Minhyuk fanart 


I’ve been productive since last night, I’m almost done with the last piece I started last night ; u ; 

This is one of the three works I did last night because I was too impatient to wait for the watercolor to dry on the first piece so I started two more :)

CNU baby 

quick watercolor painting I did a week ago(?)
si hyun bin dapat yan eh… pero for some reason ang naalala ko tuwing nakikita ko to ay yung crush ko sa Mapua O______O ganyan na ba ako kaaffected ng crush ko at naapektuhan niya na rin ang mga drawings ko? WHATISHDEHMENINGOFDISH!?lol XD



One of the Korean celebrities I admire so much <3 

Sorry for partially making you unrecognizable XD 

do you know him? :))))))

(c) c.m.aranza

My 2nd time to try digital painting. :) I still have no tablet to use so I still am using the mouse.. I’m really not used to drawing digitally but I really had fun doing this.

Do you know who he is? :)

My very first try in painting a person digitally.If you recognize who he is, ohmygoshimmaloveyouforlife! XD 

He seems a bit weird since I made a mistake with the sketch. Since I don’t have a tablet (I used the mouse with this) I had to sketch it first then paint it digitally on sai. To be honest it was kinda hard using the mouse but still I enjoyed it a lot

Having seen the result…err.. I guess that means I need to spend more time enhancing my digital skills. XD hahahaha… 

off to more practice.



So I saw his photo at weheartit and I really felt the urge of painting him… I really LOVED THE WAY it turned out…

At first I really had no idea why I am so attracted to him, then my sister pointed out that he looks like our dog chuwee.. hahaha and he sure does. XD

I wonder if anyone will figure out who he is.. >:)

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