"Will I also find beauty underneath that beautiful exterior?"


This was what I was supposed to submit for MAS Week’s Exhibit but unfortunately I’m almost 3 months late HAHAHAH :))


prang watercolor x faber castell colored pencils

details of my recently finished painting

prang watercolor x faber castell

[please do not repost]



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"My Solace"

Happy New Year Everybody! 

I pray that may this year be filled with love, joy, success, peace and blessings to each one of us. To all my lovely followers, thank you very much for the love and support! May God bless us this 2014! ♥


a couple of weeks ago I woke up to a pleasant surprise. A couple of messages in my tumblr inbox, a thousand new followers and more than a thousand notes on one of my artworks!  

I never really get any notes above 20 (nor did I ever expect it to get 12,805 notes) so I was extremely surprised. Not to mention, later that day my work appeared in my tumblr sidebar. ; u ; 

To everyone who appreciated it and sent me lovely comments, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. I really appreciate them. I really do. So here’s a typography/painting for you awesome peeps; a simple expression of my gratitude to all of you.

Cheers to all of us.

prang watercolor on watercolor paper + white poster paint



"I see nothing but flowers and patterns"

prang x faber castell colored pencils


Prang on Canson watercolor paper 

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